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Designed for Global Relevance

Many of the brands we know today that command global influence started off in a doubtful state.

Microsoft, Apple, Dangote and many individuals did not show signs of greatness at inception but today, these entities command the attention of nations and millions of people. 

A number of these companies and individuals have been in existence for just over 2 decades and as much as I am excited about them, my real excitement is for those who will emerge in the next decade or two.

Many of them do not look like success today but what they are doing today will definitely bring them to the stage of Global Influence.

Let me ask? Did you feel I was talking about you when I mentioned this last category? If your answer is ‘Yes’, then I believe so too.

Many times, who you are today is not a true reflection of the success you will be tomorrow. That career or business of yours will eventually bring you into Global Prominence.

One of the quickest way to accelerate your experience towards experiencing Global Success is by interacting with those who already are operating at that level.

On the 1st of May, 2015, over 1000 young working professionals and SME Owners will attend the 7 Star Worker Conference at the Shell Hall Muson Centre, Lagos starting by 10am. This FREE event will also be broadcast via livestream to those outside Lagos who cannot attend.

9 Speakers and Panelists who own or work with Global Brands will share keys for ‘Growing SME’S to Global Businesses’. They will also speak about the role 7 Star Workers play in making this a reality.  So, whether you work for someone or own your business, you should plan to attend this FREE event.

May 1 is a public holiday.. will you be sleeping, playing OR learning & preparing for your Great future?

To attend, register here now http://7starworker.com/2015-conference-registration/

I celebrate the GREATNESS in you!

Kindly rebroadcast.

Jimi Tewe
Convener, 7 Star Worker Conference

The Biggest Mistake Nigerians Will Make

So, we are only 2 days away from the much anticipated elections…

This particular election is probably the most keenly contested and the one a large proportion of Nigerians (home & abroad) are involved in. It is great seeing all this unfold… but I fear that we might be making a mistake.

The truth is that the election of a Leader (note what I said, not a President) is a trigger for Change/Progress/Transformation (we can’t even use these words easily again without people reading meaning into it). What happens after the election is MUCH MORE important than who gets elected.

Nigerians, our civic responsibility does not end with electing a Leader but in keeping them accountable. No President is immune from temptations of National Infidelity and in the same vein, no President is ‘untouchable’ as long as the people know their constitutional strength.

As important as it is to vote in the preferred and not perfect candidate of your choice, my desire is to see Nigerians continue with their passion for Nigeria in keeping their leaders accountable post-election.

All avenues of advocacy for social change must still be engaged. We are in for a 4 year project not a 1 weekend experiment. National Transformation is always a process and not an event.

After you vote this Saturday, tell yourself, ‘I am a Nigerian and I am committed to the New Nigeria’. May Peace reign in our nation in this season. God Bless You & God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Jimi Tewe
‎Twitter: @jimitewe

I hated it but now I LOVE it!

Welcome to a New week.

On Friday I was privileged to sit with the executives of an organization to do something I have come to love. The interesting thing is that a few years ago, I avoided any opportunity that required me to do it but today, I now enjoy it.

The potential rejection that comes from doing it makes people run from it rather than embrace it.

Without it, people remain insignificant in their careers, fail in their businesses and generally never rise to become all they could possibly be.

For those who have learnt it, it has helped them stay relevant in their organization and it has helped grow their businesses.

‘So, what is it?’

Well, it is SELLING!

Did I see you cringe when you read it? 

The truth is this, without the ability to sell, your value will not attract the best value it deserves. You might be the best in your field & you might have the best product but until you sell it, you will not get the best from it.

Those who can sell are less likely to be sacked because they contribute value directly to the bottom-line of their organization.

Those who can sell are less likely to have cashflow issues affecting their business.

On the  (6th of April- Easter Monday), I will be hosting my first webinar- Sales Intelligence Masterclass for only 100 people. I will have a Senior Sales Executive also join in on the webinar. The good thing is that you can watch it, learn and ask questions pertaining to your own field from anywhere in the world. Webinar fee is N3500 ($15)  Early bird registration is however N2000 ($9) only. Interested, call Eniola on 07043333041 or send a mail to info@inspirosolutions.com for payment details. Registration will be on a first come, first served basis.

On Wednesday, I will share one of the laws of sales I have learnt that helped me in my meeting on Friday.

Remember, the earlier you learn a skill, the earlier you can use it.

Do have a wonderful week.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst

The Power of Make-Up

Good Morning and welcome to a New Week.

As we celebrate women internationally, I cannot but share a lesson that I have learnt from the art of Make-Up. This lesson determines Career Success or Failure. In fact, it determines Business Success or Failure.

Now, for most people, Make-Up is the art of covering up a person’s flaws to make them look beautiful BUT in reality, Make-Up is the art of enhancing a person’s uniqueness because they are already beautiful.

Most people spend their lifetime covering their deficiencies rather than maximizing their efficiencies. They are preoccupied with addressing dissatisfaction with their appearance rather than being occupied with leveraging their uniqueness.

Make-Up could mean making a person up (assuming they are down) BUT it could also mean identifying what makes up a person- their uniqueness (their personality, cognitive abilities, interests, passion etc)

Success in life is more guaranteed when a person identifies their Make Up and uses it to add value to others around them. Every ‘Success’ we celebrate today is simply a person who is maximizing their Make Up.

So, let me ask you? Are you pre-occupied with ‘making-up’ or leveraging your ‘Make Up’?

As we begin this week, remember you were Made Up as a Solution to your world. Make sure your Career & Business enable you to optimize your Make Up; your Success will be inevitable!

Women, Happy International Women’s Day!

Do enjoy your week.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst
Twitter Handle of the Year Africa 2015 (SMAA)
BBM: 74F7B3A9

The Power of Confusion

Most people do not know it but confusion is a very powerful force operating in many lives today.

Confusion is a state of limbo experienced in decision making which wastes time, halts efforts and when not managed, establishes fear in a person’s heart. In its original make-up, it was designed as a mental tranquilizer designed to prolong the journey to progress. 

Many lives have emerged as mediocre simply because people have yielded to the Power of Confusion.

When it comes to Careers, I have met many confused people. One set of confused people that I meet regularly are those who still do not know what career path to pursue. In a world filled with many Career options, confusion thrives as people are ignorant of a fundamental Career Law.

‘You CANNOT truly succeed outside of the field you are gifted for, passionate about and interested in’.

Self Awareness of your gifts, passion & interest therefore reduce the reduces confusion.

I used CAREERLEADER (www.careerleader.com) in 2012 and it significantly reduced my confusion.

My best fit career paths were:

(1) Training and Development
(2) Human Resource Management
(3) Non-Profit Work
(4) Management Consulting

My worst match was with Commercial Banking. I was working in a bank then and I hated it. Today, I run a Training and HR consultancy and I love what I do. 

Would you like to use the tool today?

The unit cost is $100/N21,000 (you can check online), but for 20 people who pay N12,500 TODAY, I will make it available to them.

Simply send a mail to info@inspirosolutions.com requesting for payment details or call 07043333041. Once payment has been made, you will get your profile created and sent to you by mail within 3 hours. You can immediately run the 3 tests and get your report generated.

You can also walk into our office:
6, Taiwo Close, Kudirat Abiola Way, Ikeja to make enquiries or payment.

Career Confusion does not GO with time, it GROWS with time!

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst

I won an Oscar too

Welcome to a New week!

So yesterday somewhere in the United States of America, the famous Oscar Awards held. Although I didn’t watch it, Social Media platforms were filled with updates on it.

It always amazes me how 99% of the world get to watch the remaining 1% get rewarded for actualizing their uniqueness year in and year out. 

Life is very fair. You simply have to understand how life works and then work life to fit the life you desire.

One key differentiator of  men and women is whether they ever get to a point in life where they decide to focus their presence on earth on fulfilling their essence in their generation. Take this from me- you will never be celebrated consistently outside the domain in which God has designed you to dominate. 

Until you find your natural habitat & pursue a vision consistently in it, your probability of great success & significance will be less than 1%.

Choose today to walk on the path that will bring you to prominence. I have found that most people know this path but are afraid of pursuing it because of the fear of failure. I have never heard of a fish afraid of drowning or a lion afraid of starving to death. You ARE Greatness Personalized. God made you that way. Live your Great life NOW!

Remember, CareerShift for Bankers Package (Free From Corporate Slavery Book & CareerShift for Bankers CD) is available. Also, CareerShift for those in any other field is also available (same book + CareerShift with Jimi Tewe & Fela Durotoye CD). Each package goes for only N2500. They will teach you how to transition to & succeed on your path of greatness. Don’t eat your future, buy it NOW! Call 07043333041 or email info@inspirosolutions.com to place your order (free delivery within Lagos).

#SocialMediaWeek starts today. Join the conversations & learn. Also, I will be speaking in Enugu next weekend. Details coming.

Do have a wonderful week.

Jimi Tewe
Twitter Handle of the Year Africa 2015 (SMAA)- @jimitewe
BBM: 74F7B3A9

Bankers- the Endangered Species

Well, today’s broadcast is for a certain category of people I believe are closely connected to you.

I had the privilege of working in the Nigerian Banking Industry  for 3 years & 7 months. One thing that marked my mind was the degree of frustration and illusion-driven living that most bankers are living with.

Now, by itself, there is nothing wrong with banking but what had happened was that the boom experienced in the industry over the years attracted many people who are really not bankers in their DNA. To make matters worse, the reward the industry offers has become ‘Golden Handcuffs’ that literally holds many of them in what I call ‘Corporate Slavery’.

I am tired of the excuses they give; ‘I am afraid of the unknown’, ‘what will I go and do?’, ‘is it not too late?’ & many others that are too annoying to type.

For God’s sake, at what stage is it too late to decide to live the life you want to live? Will you continue to live in fear instead of facing the fear of what is keeping you from your future?

5 years ago, I left my N920,000 monthly Salary, Senior Manager banking job to chase my dreams. 5 years after I am getting International Awards & finances from that same dream.

I have created a Bankers Package containing my book, ‘Free From Corporate Slavery’ & an Audio CD ‘CareerShift For Bankers’ selling for only N2500.

2015 cannot become a repeat of the past for these people. If you are not a banker & you want a similar package, with the Audio CD for another CareerShift event (with Lanre Olusola, Myself & others), please go ahead & place your order by calling 07043333041 (43) NOW or send a mail to info@inspirosolutions.com. Everyone who makes this purchase & gives us their contact details will automatically be registered for my CareerShift Webinar holding in March.

I would appreciate it if you can rebroadcast this.


Jimi Tewe
Twitter Handle of the Year Africa 2015 (SMAA)
Alder Social Media Overlord for Career 2014

The Time Merchants

There were over 7 Billion of them sent on a mission. Each was specially designed to carry out a unique function in the generation in which they were deployed. An assessment of their potential in the boardroom of power showed that they have infinite possibilities.

Several centuries after..

Situation assessment of their actual performance showed that very few came close to fulfilling their potential as most of them died dissatisfied and discontent with their final outcome in life.

Although they were all born different, they had one thing in common.

They all had 24 hours a day given to them for FREE.

The review meeting showed that those who excelled had gained Mastery of their own 24 hours. They had come to know why they were given the 24 hours and they had spent most of that time on that 1 purpose. 

Unfortunately, most of the others simply used their 24 hours to survive and not thrive.

You are either becoming Great or losing your Capacity for Greatness with every second that ticks away in time.

You are a Merchant of Time! Make sure you make profit with it. The time you use to worry is sufficient to pray and think with. The time you spend being afraid is enough to run wild with your imagination and explore possibilities.

Time Merchant, wake up! Time is running fast.

I spent some time with someone I am coaching last week & this was what he said about the time we spent;

‘If I am to describe my 1st session with you I’d say it was Enlightening. After 11years I see reason to go back to an important part of my life’.

Would you like me to spend my time coaching you for 1 hour? If your answer is YES, let me ask you, ‘how much do you think I should charge you since I am also a merchant of time?’ Find out by calling Eniola on 07043333041. It will be worth your time.

Time merchant, Get to Work now! Time is flying, fast… 

Kindly rebroadcast.

Jimi Tewe
Twitter Handle of the Year Africa (SMAA 2015)

Share a Coke with Me…

Good Morning & welcome to a New Week.

One of the most successful marketing campaigns going on in Nigeria today is the one being carried out by CocaCola tagged ‘Share a Coke’.

I have no idea what their sales look like at the moment, but with the rate at which people have been looking for their names on a bottle, it is obvious sales would have soared.

Why will people buy many bottles of Coke simply because it has their name on it?

CocaCola is meeting a fundamental need of human beings- the need to feel significant.

The subliminal association of their name to a global brand gives people some form of internal satisfaction that they are significant.

As great as this campaign is, the surest way to significance in life is through Self Discovery & Self Actualization. Until you discover the essence of your existence & cause your presence to make a difference, your absence in life will not be felt.

In reality, you are very SIGNIFICANT. God made you for a reason. Find it & fulfill it.

In 2012, I wrote what I would call ‘a book written from my heart’. FREE FROM CORPORATE SLAVERY’ was written to challenge, inform & guide people towards achieving significance through the work they do. Hundreds of people have told me that their life literally changed after they read it.

Today, I make a call to you to refuse to rest in life till the world enjoys your best. 

As we start the week, make a choice to leave the path of survival and thread the pathway of significance. 

To get a copy of FREE FROM CORPORATE SLAVERY & have it delivered to you for only N1600 anywhere in Nigeria, click this link http://www.konga.com/free-from-corporate-slavery/

For those outside Nigeria, you can get an e-copy by clicking here; 

It will be a wonder-full week for YOU!

Jimi Tewe
Winner, Twitter Handle Of The Year, Africa 2015 (SMAA)
BBM: 74F7B3A9