Testimonial… “I took your advice”

I am always excited to hear about people who heard me speak at an event, believed it enough to practice what I said and got exactly what they desired.

Last year, I was privileged to speak to over 4000 youth Corpers at the NYSC camp over a period of 4 days and I recall saying to one of my co-facilitators that I hoped someone was listening. Well, now, I am sure at least one person listened and this is his story…

Good Afternoon Sir. My name is Ayo Owodunni.  I’m not sure if you’d remember me but I was one of the few Youth Corpers you came to speak to a couple of days before the passing out of the batch C corp members in October last year.  You mentioned the fact that Nigeria was in need of us rising up and using our ideas, passion and resource to get things done. I wanted to write to say thank you very much for your speech. It was definitely touching…Here’s my story since then.

After your speech I chased after my passion…As a student in the USA i ventured into Radio Broadcasting for fun and enjoyed it. I never went back into it because I didn’t see any real future in it.  When I came back home, my plan was get my MBA and start working anywhere that could hire me. Hearing your speech plus the other 3 speakers that day totally changed my thought process. I instantly decided to spend time to think through my passions and figure out how to go about chasing it.  I chased after radio broadcasting and went to several places to get a job.  The first place didin’t take me but the 2nd place gave me a shot.

According to them, they weren’t going to pay for the first month and i had to figure out fend for that one month.  It was tough but for over 7 weeks, they didn’t hire me…..however i made up my mind that i was going to do it and do it very well.  I decided to stick it through and i’m glad I did.  I was given a job at the radio station as an on air personality. Now i run a real estate show, a Sunday morning show, a sunday afternoon show and also a show for unrecognized artists. I’ve only been here officially since January.

My prayer is to keep the passion alive and figure out how to keep growing…i pray within the next year, my name would have an amazing impact in the entertainment industry in Nigeria.

To take it a step further, i plan to run a youth inspirational show. I want to put together a 1 hour show that adds value back to the youths in the community.  It is going to be a show that would have people come in and get interviewed, youths making an impact…..and also discussions on things bothering the youths in our society today.  It promises to be great. I’d love you to be part of the show!

Thanks for the talk.  It might have seemed like many of us were not paying attention….trust me though…A FEW OF US WERE PAYING ATTENTION.

Thanks again.

Sanni Ayo Owodunni

(On Air Personality at THE BEAT 99.9FM)


11 thoughts on “Testimonial… “I took your advice”

  1. Hi Mr Jimi,i read ur interview on bellanaija,being an avid reader of that website & i must say that i just heard about you,but u’ve already made a huge impact in my life.Regards!!

  2. I am proud of you Jimi

    I still remember years back at Tiwa Systems (Ibadan) and how way back then, who knew 15 years or more later you will be where you are today, affecting lives around you. The journeys a man has to take in the quest of discovery – Indeed the question really is “What hit from the hammer crushed the stone? The first or the last?” I guess all might have contributed one thing or the other.

    A wise aunty once told me ‘Nothing is a waste in life- Every little detail contributes to a bigger, better and brighter picture of you’.

    I hope more people pay attention to your heart in the future and that your ever talking mind continually finds expression at all times as appropriate!

    Peace and Blessings.


  3. Hello Mr jimi,
    i am a young lady and an avid reader of bella naija where i just read ur interview and to say the truth, i was rily inspired. currently i work in an organization where i know i am not rily adding to myself but i have decided to look inside of myself and discover who i am in order to get to where i am supposed to be. Thank u once again.

  4. Hmmm…
    I am glad it is now I am hearing all these,so I don’t end up on the bandwagon of the norm! Thank you sir for the inspiration. I am seriosly asking me what I really really love doing!
    Thank you Big!

  5. I read about you on BellaNaija and i’m glad i took the extra sep of reading your blog.Like Morenike i’ve started looking inward. I actually like to teach and i’ve finally decided to take a step in that direction but i’ve always being asking myself what is that thing i’ll do without payment joyously? With what i’ve read on this blog i’m encouraged to continue to do that till i find it. Thank you and may God’s blessing continue to work in your life and ministry Amen.

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