Getting the Edge in your Career

I once heard a story of an elephant and an ant.

The story says, one day, an elephant and its friend, a little ant wanted to cross an old rickety bridge to move from one point to another. After some consultation, the ant got on the back of the elephant and both of them proceeded to cross the bridge. With each step the elephant took, the bridge would shake vigorously and this continued till the elephant had taken them across the bridge. On the other side, the ant looked back at the bridge and then looking up at his friend, the elephant, it said, ‘we really shook that bridge, didn’t we?’

We might argue that the ant was being sarcastic in its thinking but it really did cross the bridge and had the bridge shake while crossing. Many times, I feel like that ant when I look back at the bridges I have had to cross throughout my career. Many people wonder how I was able to ‘shake the bridge’ but what they do not know is that there is a mass of ‘elephant’ power amplifying every effort I had put in. That is exactly what grace does. It amplifies. When you have no input, grace is unable to give you an amplified output. I have seen many people work hard without experiencing the grace that comes from their Creator. When the right relationship is in place, there is an opportunity for the flow of God’s influence to be seen in the things we do. Natural efforts have achieved some tremendous results, however, I believe that as more people become aware of this grace and utilize it, the greater the results that will be achieved.

One of the descriptors of God (1 Peter 5:10) describes God as the God of all grace. It lets me know that he is not only able to make grace available, but he is also very willing to make grace available to get outstanding results. Grace does not only enable divine energy but, it also strengthens so that we do not give up even in the face of contrary situations. Ordinarily, many times when we are qualified to quit, grace keeps us up and keeps us strong. With the changing variables that we face in the world today, the constant called grace is something we cannot afford to ignore.

It is important to state that the grace that comes from our Creator is an enablement for fulfilling the calling He has given us. In other words, our misalignment with His desires for us will also keep us from experiencing His grace. It therefore means that our pursuit of our career (calling) will keep us in constant touch with the grace He wants to make available to us.

When we walk with Him along the path that He has pre-arranged for us, we immediately are able to experience the fullness of His grace in what we do. Grace brings ease, favor, speed and many other benefits required for a fulfilling and optimized career.

*An Excerpt of my book, “Free from Corporate Slavery.” Coming out May 2011.


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