Dealing with Corporate Slave Masters*

Corporate Slave Masters! Do they really exist? The answer to that question is a big YES! Who are they?  They are individuals who have the opportunity to own enterprises or who are in leadership positions within these enterprises and are consciously exploiting the human resources under their control to meet their own goals. The key attribute that distinguishes these people is the word, exploit. Not everyone who owns a business enterprise or is in a leadership position is a corporate slave. I have however heard of or met with several corporate slave masters who seem to have lost any trace of compassion and empathy for the people they have been given the privilege to lead.

I would like to borrow an analogy from the bible to explain this further. Just as you had a pharaoh in Egypt who was merciless to the people under his control, forcing his people to produce results under very strenuous conditions, you have many modern day ‘pharaohs’ who have adopted this same method of leadership and have become a source of pain to the average employee. Unfortunately, they either own the organization or lead within the organization and so employees have to live with their terms and conditions of service. In Nigeria for example, where the laws governing employment are currently not being enforced as they should be, you have employers who make their employees work ungodly hours without any commensurate compensation, are very abusive in their relations with their employees, make their employees work over the weekend as if it was stated in their letter of employment as a term of engagement, are insensitive to the challenges their employees face in their personal lives which directly affect their ability to deliver results at work etc. The list is endless. I have seen so many cases where I basically had to comfort aggrieved employees, men and women alike, who have endured the pain caused by a corporate slave master. The hold most of them have over their employees, of course, is the compensation that they provide and this situation is accentuated by the challenge of a lower number of available jobs compared to those seeking employment.

*An Excerpt of my book,

Coming out May 2011.


2 thoughts on “Dealing with Corporate Slave Masters*

  1. This is great, just the book I need right now. Just discussing same with a colleague today. It is too common. The book is very common, Hope It will be available everywhere so as many ‘corporate slaves’ as desire can be free..Sh

  2. Hello Jimi ,

    Just wanted to ask how i can be a member of your faculty ,on the program you are organising for corpers ? Am a consultant and trainer with a passion for youth development.But need a platform to achieve this .


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