Yesterday evening, a gentleman who works with one of the top banks in Nigeria paid me a visit at home. I had actually just come in from a very busy Sunday having handled my responsibilities as a Pastor in church and also coordinating a naming ceremony on the other side of Lagos State. To say that I was tired was an understatement. However, when he called me and told me he wanted to see me, I decided to give him a little out of my sleep time. You see, I have known this gentleman for several years and I have no doubt that he is quite gifted and interested in the fields of consulting and motivational speaking. The problem however is that he has been waking up every Monday to rush to a job he has come to detest. First in a market facing role and now in a back office role, this gentleman had reached the zenith of frustration borne out of a lack of personal fulfillment and this had been getting worse as time went by. Although he was not enjoying what he had to do on a daily basis, he had learnt the ropes of his responsibilities and was achieving good results. To make the challenge more frustrating, I am personally aware that he has made tremendous efforts to change his job especially to the line of what he enjoys doing, but all efforts have not yielded the kind of result he has desired.


Yesterday, he had just spent some time doing what he enjoys at a program where he was invited to speak and I guess somewhere along the way home, he began to ask himself again when he would eventually be doing this on a daily basis. His call to me and subsequent visit was proof enough that he desired change. His wife came along with him, which for me was a very positive factor that I liked. At the end of our discussion, I told him point blank to start getting ready to resign his appointment. Before you start thinking that this was a wicked action for me to suggest at this time, it will be great for you to know that he left my house with a big smile on his face. His wife also left thanking me for re-assuring her husband that he should pursue his desired future. I advised him to commence on a search for a job within the industry he is interested in with greater intensity with a commitment that even if he gets what he wants at a lower annual salary, he should go for it. You see, I realize that many people do not want to pay a short-term price for the long-term prize they desire. I recently heard that a gentleman who works in the last bank where I worked has concluded that I must be crazy for taking the steps I took but what he might not realize is that some things have to be sacrificed today for the future I desired.

Will this gentleman encounter challenges as he takes this bold step? Definitely! The journey to success will always be riddled by challenges we have to navigate before we arrive at our destination. However, the only thing is that the joy of daily fulfillment and eventual arrival are a better reward today than the pain of travelling on a career path we have no interest in.

Life is short, and ‘managing’ life for a whole lifetime is a waste of existence. In my book, ‘Free from Corporate Slavery’, I shared extensively on some of the limitations that keep people from pursuing their preferred alternative when it comes to a career. In it, I provided useful tips on how to overcome these challenges because I realize that these perceived limitations of today will become the basis of regret tomorrow. If you know someone who is finding it challenging to move beyond their fears and who truly desires Career Success, I will advise that you recommend this book to them.

We are key players in the outcome of our future. Our decisions or indecisions today are seeds that are guaranteed to bear fruits in our future whether we like the outcome or not. Make a right choice today and do whatever it takes to get the future you desire!



  1. nice piece man! some serious quotable quotes embedded, trust me I pasted as my facebook statuses straight-up, with citations not plagiarised though. thanks for everything, all the best!

  2. Hello mr jimi,
    I just recently read an article on youR book freedom from corporatE slavery and your intErvieW.highly inspiring!I contactex you simply because I am on the verge of writing a book of people’s testimonies and I wanted an adVice on writing and any generAl advise you can mail is A lot.

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