Thank God it’s Monday Series by Jimi Tewe- Sept 19

Welcome to another work-week; another opportunity 4 u to make a difference in other lives n in yours too. I spent about 7 hours yesterday sorting through all d books in my library and in the process, I separated about 3 cartons full of books I no longer need. I intend to give them out to people that would need them now ’cause they are good books, but for me, they had served their purpose at a stage of my development. I’ve found out that it’s a common experience in life: some things that look very important at a moment lose their relevance with time but we hold on to them and end up ‘burdened’ with heavy weights. What was the criteria I used in sorting out these books? ‘Their relevance to the vision (future picture/ career) in my heart’. When you have no vision of your future, everything (important and unimportant) can look relevant. Any certification would beckon on you; any association would be attractive to you; any meeting would occupy your limited time; any occasion would have its unfair share of your life; any relationship will be able to take from you and not give to you……. What am I saying? Get a ‘destination’ for your life! Your career must have a ‘destination’, if not, every ‘vehicle’ that looks like its going forward would look attractive to you. Remember, moving forward is only significant when you are moving in the right direction! Take some time to evaluate your career in relation to where you ‘see’ yourself in the coming future. Eliminate the time u r spending on time-wasters and spend more of your time, energy & finances on ‘vehicles’ that will get you where u r going. Success never comes by accident! Make sure u enjoy the ride too as you go on this ‘journey’ By d way, the 1st edition of d ‘Free From Corporate Slavery’ seminar held on saturday. I had 14 participants out of my planned 15. Anoda 1 holds ds Saturday! Enjoy your week!
Pls feel fee 2 rebroadcast

Jimi Tewe (Career Coach)


7 thoughts on “Thank God it’s Monday Series by Jimi Tewe- Sept 19

    • …when the world begins to ask you for the list of books you’ve read, then something is not just about to happen, greatness has already happened…proud of you my friend – Akiode to have “seen” and asked and proud of you my pastor – Pastor J to be such a conduit of transformation for such a time as this…

  1. spend and invest on vehicles’ that will get where your going….Great Word….sir can i have some of this books?

  2. This is the kind of message for this time. Thank you sir.
    However, kindly help by making me a beneficiary of those books that will make me a better management consultant. Thanks for the anticipated favourable response

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