Thank God it’s Monday Series by Jimi Tewe- Sept 26

‎​It’s another Monday! How did you feel when you woke up and realized you were going to work? Please, take note that I didn’t say ‘office’, I said ‘work’. Work is an essential part of life and its our unique opportunity to express our capabilities and solve people, organizational and societal challenges. I have a quick question 4 u? Is the work you are doing utilizing your unique capabilities, such as your passion, creativity, interest etc? If your answer is still a ‘No’, do not fret. 2day is another opportunity to shake things up a little. Sometimes, there are opportunities at our workplace that could use these faculties but we don’t see them ’cause we have a mental blockage that we hate what we do. On d other hand, if there is really no opportunity like that, you can’t afford to keep these faculties dormant. Look out for people who u can ‘serve’ with these faculties-even if they’ll not pay u. If u do this consistently, u’ll develop these faculties n someday, people will b willing to pay a fee instead of taking it for free. The week has not been defined yet. Choose to make it a great one! Do have a wonderful week.

Jimi Tewe (Career Coach)


One thought on “Thank God it’s Monday Series by Jimi Tewe- Sept 26

  1. That’s a nice one sir. Am waiting to get to that point when I can jump excitedly and thank God for monday to thursday. Besides, what’s the point staying put for a long time in what is not utilising ur capabilities and all ? Am nt really clear on the solution for one who isn’t enjoying their present “job”

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