THANK GOD ITS MONDAY SERIES by Jimi Tewe- Oct 31 2011

Hello and welcome to another great week! Well, since its God we are thanking, i believe you are going to have a great week ahead! This morning, i remembered a phrase we used to say way back then; ‘when i grow up, i will be….’, Well, last time i checked, we have all ‘grown up’ but d question i have is ‘what have we become?’. I guess that somewhere in our hearts, when we were much younger, we instinctively knew that ‘BEing’ is more important than ‘DOing’. There is a way, your career can be run based on activity and not from self awareness which then determines what we should do. When we focus on ‘BEing’, our career experience is based on a proactive approach rather than a reactive one. In fact, ‘HAVEing’ (permit me to say it ds way) is more a result of first BEing than just DOing. Successful people have discovered what they are interested in & what they have capabilities for and built around that over the years. They’ve paid costly prices along the way, but its paid off on d long run. I have a question for you. Who are you? If you say, ‘I’m a banker’, my question then is, ‘are you really one?’ If your response was based on what you’ve been doing and not what you have envisioned yourself to be, then I think its time you asked some real questions. We get older with each passing day. The earlier you BEcome, the better it is for you, your family n society. ‘Who are you, Jimi?’, u may ask. ‘I’m a life and career catalyst-i challenge people to be the best they were created to be!’ My question to you today is – Who are you? If you cannot answer this question OR your BEing and DOing are not correlating, you can reach me for help in this area. Enjoy your week!


5 thoughts on “THANK GOD ITS MONDAY SERIES by Jimi Tewe- Oct 31 2011

    • Reality is that not all jobs can be synced with our areas of primary interest and passion. what i think you need to do is to get clarity around what you are passionate about and career paths that can utilize your passion and natural abilities. If there is a correlation between the job u r doing and what you would like to be doing in the future, then that is fine. Otherwise, a career transition might be needed in the nearest future

  1. Sir am also blessed especially the great moment you spent with us in Bowen,the programm was specially for me…..I have something to say sir..right from childhood i do counsel and motivate people especially my friends then and then i was very courageous but now the reverse is the case,moreso am no longer as creative in thinking and writing unlike as those days but i strongly believe i have passion and interest in public speaking…i dont know how to come about it though have been reading motivational books and giving much time to thinking…still what can i do sir?……the words proactive and reactive used in your quotes,i dont seem to understand sir?……is there any difference between a motivational speaker and a transformational speaker sir?…..Thank you sir,the good lord shall continue to bless you greatly.shallom

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