Thank God It’s Monday Series by Jimi Tewe – Jan 2

Welcome to 2012. Although today is a holiday, I remain committed to this weekly broadcast.

The removal of fuel subsidy in Nigeria has started generating mixed reactions from the populace. What is the implication of this on your Career? Entrepreneurs that have goods and services in high demand & seasoned professionals whose skills are in high demand will pass the increased cost of living to their products and services for their customers to bear (Transport fares have gone up more than 100% already). As much as I have my personal views about what the gov’t has done, this experience has further proven that our capacity to deliver value and consequently receive value must also be on the increase.

Those who have found their ‘Natural Habitat’ & have risen in it have a greater capacity to control their ‘economic climate’ while others are subject to whatever the ‘weather’ brings. Interestingly, our original design by God and His Calling (Career) for us takes care of whatever need we will have. It’s time to be defined by purpose and not by function. As we return to work, make up your mind to live the year on purpose. Give God priority also because He is your Designer, Helper and Guide along your path of fulfilment.

Come Jan 15, I’ll be hosting an event tagged ‘CareerShift with Jimi Tewe’. Its a great investment for anyone who wants a successful career in 2012. Participants also get an autographed copy of my book, ‘Free From Corporate Slavery’. For N3500, I’ve been asked why I am short-changing myself. I am simply giving great value to get it back in the future. Adegboyega Hall, Maryland Business Complex,Lagos between 2.30 & 5.30pm. Participants can secure one of the limited seats by paying cash or transferring into GT Bank; Olujimi Tewe; 0001303493. If you or someone you know wants to attend, I can be reached on BB (23A960BC) for more details.

Do have a great week & 2012!


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