Thank God it’s Monday by Jimi Tewe – Jan 30

Welcome to the last Monday in January 2012. Time is really moving fast but it’s no reason to fret. Once you have a vision and goals that will help you accomplish it, you have positioned yourself to take charge of your time.

Let me ask you again? What’s your career vision for 2012? As human beings, our original design by our creator necessitates that for us to achieve success, we must see it inside (envision) before we manifest it outside. Interestingly, your desire for a great career experience emanates from a mental picture that you have created which is different from your current experience. Visions alone, however, never translate to success. You must have clear-cut goals that will translate your vision to an achievable mission. For me, I envision speaking to over 1 million people this year about career related challenges and offering solutions to them. Obviously, to achieve this, I must get on radio as a platform for this; I must leverage social networking; I must get my voice on CDs, DVDs etc and of course, I must be ready to go speak in places. I’ve built my goals around this because I believe it’s attainable with God on my side. If you are having challenges articulating this, then get help from someone skilled in that field (think Jimi Tewe for Career Issues;) )…. But by all means make 2012 a memorable one.

‘CareerShift’ held yesterday and it was an awesome experience. Thanks to everyone who made it possible. Well, the train is getting set to move to Abuja (March) and the UK in April/May. But Jimi, what if people don’t show up? Well, 2 things. First, I will never know if they won’t show up until I try and secondly, my career (calling) enjoys the benefit of my creator’s involvement in what I’m doing. I enjoy undiluted wisdom, unparalleled favour and unmatched power in all my endeavours. So, get busy on your vision TODAY! I’m always just a buzz away (23A960BC). Pls feel free to rebroadcast. Jimi Tewe.


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