CAREERSHIF​T for Bankers

Hello. CAREERSHIFT for Bankers is an intervention which is specially packaged to aid bankers in Lagos who were recently sacked or who voluntarily resigned and even those who sincerely desire a major change in their career experience.

Having worked in 2 banks before as a Senior Manager, I realize that there are many who pursued banking because it was one of the most lucrative industries at the time. Things have changed within that industry but one thing that won’t change is each individual’s desire for success in their career. I’ve learnt how to transit successfully between jobs having worked for 5 companies in the past. I’ve also learned how to create value and move from a monthly pay closer to N1Million per month to the earnings from my enterprise. I’ve faced challenges, but many of them are in the past now. Whatever your challenge may be, there are principles I have successfully learnt and used that have helped me move into work I enjoy. For those looking to get another job, ‘spraying’ your CV around is not enough to get your desired result. For those thinking of stepping into business, sufficient preparation must precede your determination for success in entrepreneurship. For those who are just confused and tired, there will be solutions shared that day that’ll change your experience.

Date: February 19, 2012
Time: 2.30pm – 5.30pm
Venue: Kingsword Auditorium, Etal Drive, FirstBank Busstop, Oregun Rd.
Fee: N2000 (each participant gets a copy of my book, ‘Free From Corporate Slavery’ & my Audio CD ‘Overcoming the Fear of Failure in Career Transition’).

This definitely is not the actual cost of this event but its my way of making a difference. Do you know anyone who needs to attend this? Then inform them and have them pay into GTBank; Olujimi Tewe; 0001303503. Once they have paid, they should send an SMS to 08023523602 with their name & e-mail address.

This is not a time to despair but it’s one to take charge! Get set for a CAREERSHIFT! Pls feel free to re-broadcast!


2 thoughts on “CAREERSHIF​T for Bankers

  1. thanks Jimi

    please for those who will not able to attend, is it possible the event can be recorded so we can buy either the tape or preferably the cd. thank you

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