Thank God it’s Monday by Jimi Tewe – Feb 13

Hello & welcome to a great week.

We woke up yesterday to hear the sad news of the death of one of the greatest female singers who ever lived – Whitney Houston. Although the cause of her death has not been communicated, most broadcasts have pointed to the fact that a decision she made years ago to marry Bobby Brown contributed a lot to her fall from fame & eventual demise. As great as we want to become in our careers, we need to make sure our decisions in other significant areas of our lives must be complimentary to our vision. The decisions we make come with their commensurate consequences (good or bad). It therefore is important that we develop our capacity to make right decisions so that we get the good future we desire. The best decisions in life are those that are based on Truth. Truth speaks of principles that are unchangeable & deliver consistent results. Pilots make decisions in the air carrying hundreds of people based on the principles of physics they have learnt. In any field, there are truths that deliver consistent results. Our ability to know the ‘truths’ that deliver career success is therefore very important. Circumstances may change, but principles are constant.

This Sunday, I will be speaking to bankers & communicating some truths that will help them conquer their current challenges & help them achieve career success. In all my broadcasts, I ensure that I stay around ‘truths’ so that you can get guaranteed results based on what you read & do. Is there any area you are having a challenge? You most likely need to discover the ‘truth’ that will get you the success you desire. In marriage, for example, when Husbands love their Wives & they conversely submit to their husbands (irrespective of how they both feel), a principle is put in motion that will deliver guaranteed results.

Make this week count. Make wise decisions! Pls help tell as many bankers as you know about the event this Sunday. Enjoy. Jimi Tewe.23A960BC


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