Thank God it’s Monday by Jimi Tewe – Feb 20

Welcome to a new week. Someone once told me, ‘Jimi, if you do not stop, you’ll get where you are going’. Life can be compared to a journey. To move from one point to the other, there are certain basic things that must be in place. Except you plan to walk, you’ll need a vehicle, you’ll also need fuel, probably need to service the vehicle, you’ll need a good extra tire, you’ll need to be well rested if you are driving, you’ll need a map or good directions, if you don’t know how you can get there. Once you are on the road, you’ll also need to utilize several of your senses including sight, hearing, thinking etc. All these and many more are requirements for a successful journey. Planning is therefore a critical key to success. Beyond planning, you would also need clarity of destination before you even embark on the journey. This is what we refer to as having a vision. Please take note that movement and progress are similar but different. The major difference is vision. Progress is movement in a particular direction. With excellent plans, a clear vision and no movement, your vision remains a dream. The tyre has got to meet the road to make progress.. Action is the beginning of ‘actualization’ of vision. Conception on the other hand is what births vision. Now, let’s summarise all we have read so far. To succeed in a journey, you require a vision, proper planning & corresponding action. Why did I say all these. Your career is a vision you carry in your heart that engages your passion and which needs your cooperation to be actualized. If you truly want to make a difference with your career & earn well while doing it, make sure you are using these 3 keys starting from today!
Lastly, there are 2 types of dreamers in life. Those that are working on their dreams & those who are sleeping. Wake up, work on your dream today & enjoy your week!


One thought on “Thank God it’s Monday by Jimi Tewe – Feb 20

  1. Nice right up sir,short but basic…..sir I’v come to notice dat ur programs in so many cases are restricted to lagos,it will do us non-lagosians a lot of good if u can consider other places like ibadan and abeokuta as future venues for ur great programmes

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