Questions and Answers from CareerShift (Part 2)

(11)   How can I add more value to my product (i.e. services) to make it more marketable?

There are several ways to achieve this. However, I will like to point two out:

  • Compare with similar products. Especially those that their sales are higher than yours. What exactly makes them more valuable? If you can make adjustments to yours based on this and even add a little extra to it (must be valuable in the eyes of the customer), you would have improved the value your product can demand
  • Secondly, you need to get feedback directly from the users of your products. Like I usually put it, ‘value is in the eye of the beholder’. In other words, the user’s evaluation of your product is an important point from which you should consider how to improve it. Feedback actually helps a lot as this will give you valuable insight into not only meeting the customers expectation but also exceeding it.

 (12)   Do you have a mentorship program and/or platform for business owners and entrepreneurs to get real time answers to challenges on the business and to share testimonies?

Well, currently, I leverage social network as that is the only platform I am able to engage the number of people that seek audience with me.  In the nearest future, I will be having more one-on-one sessions with those I mentor. I am available on most social networking platforms for this. (Contact me Facebook: Jimi Tewe, Blog: Website: email: Twitter: @jimitewe)

 (13)   Kindly give a few tips on Networking

The topic of Networking is quite extensive and the tips that would be relevant to one person may defer from someone else. I will however like to say this. If you do not Network, you are positioning your career momentum to ‘slowdown’ significantly in the coming future. There is a lot of information available on the Internet about networking and I will encourage you to go online and start practising what you can learn from there.

(14)   How do I deal with a boss who shys away from his supervisory roles to me as a management trainee?

This challenge is a very frustrating one for anyone who goes through it because you can’t exactly go and ‘report’ your boss to his superior. However, within your own control is your ability not to give up in reminding him about what you need his help/support for (keep making demand of him/her). Also, I believe in documenting these demands for support because some supervisors have been known to turn around and they started blaming their subordinate when a crisis came up due to negligence. In such instances, you can ‘defend’ your case by providing emails and memos. I also suggest that you have informal ‘bosses’ (senior people who you do not report to directly) in the office who you can give a hint of your challenge whenever you face it. This way, they can suggest how you can also address this challenge bearing the prevailing organizational culture in your organization

 (15)    How do I manage the difficult period between transiting from my present job to a career where my strength lies?

I spoke extensively about this in my book, ‘Free From Corporate Slavery’. There are certain plans that must be in place that will help you manage this time. If you are transiting into owning your business, then you MUST have a tested business plan. You also need a financial plan, a mentor in your chosen field that you can get advice from and very importantly, if you are married, you must secure your spouses’ buy-in before embarking on it. I am sure you will get a lot from the book about this


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