Questions and Answers from CareerShift (Part 3)

 (16)    I have been in the bank for a while and ever since, I have had the knack to write, direct and produce a movie someday. Even though I never had time to even try to write a script, but I know if I probably take a course in scripting, it could  set me on that path. So I got into a major multilevel marketing to raise enough funds to eventually liberate myself from banking. I love sales and presentations too but I have not been able to experience that major leap in my new networking business even though I am a fanatic marketer in the bank. I am tired of banking and plan to leave this year. I am still doing the MLM and hope to break even

a.  What kind of courses do I need to take and where (home or abroad) that can start me up in this line of career (dream)

b.  I would love to talk to one or two successful people in this field to know the challenges and what to expect

Okay. A transition from Banking to Film Making is quite different from what I usually hear but it is not an impossible one. In transition, there are at least three basic things to take into consideration. (1) Time (2) Plan (3) Support. Where time is concerned, you must have a realistic time frame within which you want to transit. For me, I resigned in my mind 2 years before I dropped my letter and so I was able to execute my transition within that time. Secondly, you must have a transition plan. You have started that already but I think you need to put it all together. Have a document that details how you intend to transit. Someone said that if it can’t work on paper, then it cannot work in real life. Your plan can be shared with someone who is within the field you intend to go into and is accomplished and someone else who can look at it objectively and critic it. The objective is to have a plan that works. This will also include your training programs that you intend to undertake. On that one, I suggest that you do some browsing and work at getting a mentor in that field who can provide guidance and some level of oversight to you in your preparation. Lastly, you need support. This could be in the form of creating a channel for extra finances (I like the multilevel marketing initiative you are pursuing). Also, you need the support of people. You need people who know you that believe in what you are doing. They will be there to provide encouragement, correction and even resources to you.

About getting to meet and talk to successful people in your field, I want you to apply the ‘six degrees of separation’ principle which essentially says that you are six people away from anyone you want to meet. Identify the people you would like to meet and then leverage your network to find out who exactly has access to them. With determination in your heart, I’m certain you will make it.

 (17)   In pursuit of success, is it progressive to stick with a career or company, grow there and become successful there or to be constantly moving from one company/career to another.  If the latter is better, won’t you become the proverbial jack of all trades, master of none?

There is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach to managing how long you should stay in a company. Let me use an analogy to explain a good approach to handling this. If you were travelling to a state in the east of Nigeria and you were going to get there by public transportation, your destination will determine what vehicle you would board. Your career must have an end-in-mind and every organization you decide to be a part of must be contributing something towards the fulfillment of your long term career goals. When a company has enjoyed your service but it is no longer helping you get where you are ‘going’ then the possibility of exit immediately comes up. If you do find one that enables you to stay in it and fulfill the height of your potential, I wonder why you would want to leave it. Hope this helps

 (18)   What do you do if you have brilliant ideas but you lack the structures and wherewithal to see it to fruition?

Well, you then need to put the structures in place and put the wherewithal together. This will require some time and careful planning. I suggest you speak with someone who is good with setting up structures and someone who can counsel on financing options. I am saying this because each business has its specific requirements and the uniqueness of each situation necessitates that a pragmatic plan be developed and executed.

(19)   What do you do if suddenly you feel like you stopped hearing from God as if He decided to abandon you despite trying so hard to hear from Him & do the right thing and this crawls on for a long time

Well, since its God we are speaking about here, I need to provide the answer on the basis of His word. He says, if you are His child, that He will be with you, He will never leave you and neither will He forsake you (Hebrews 13:5). Interestingly, in the New Testament, He never gave any condition under which He would leave us. It therefore means that He has been with you all this while and the challenge is that you haven’t had a vital experience with Him of late. I am married and sometimes, even though I am staying in the same place with my wife, I might not be ‘feeling’ her. Whenever this happens, I realize I have been hanging around her but not been spending time in fellowship (communion and communication) with her. Interestingly, the same thing applies in our relationship with God. The more we spend time reading His word and communicating (praying) with Him in faith, the more we are able to ‘feel’ Him in our daily walk with Him. I encourage you to do this and stay in that place of fellowship. He wants to speak to you more than you want to hear. He is that committed.

 (20)   What’s the difference between your career and the purpose of your life?

Well, this is often times a tricky question, but I will answer it this way. Purpose means intention while Career means a path or a trail and is often times related to what we do for work. In the principle of creation, the work of a thing is defined by its purpose. A fan is meant to circulate air so as to cool the environment within which it is working. Its purpose is cooling but its work is the rolling of the blades. If it does its work, it will fulfill its career. Therefore, for individuals, our purpose is defined by our creator and there is work (career) we are to be doing which help us fulfill our purpose. More details in ‘Free From Corporate Slavery’.


I hope these questions and answers have added some value to you. Please feel free to forward this to others who might need it.

 Best regards


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