Thank God it’s Monday – Feb 27

Welcome to the last week of February. 2 months down, 10 to go! Last week, in my broadcast, I mentioned that there are two types of dreamers-those who are sleeping & those working on their dreams. I would like to assume that you fall into the latter category and so I’ll like to highlight a key activity needed for your dreams to become a reality.

In whatever field you choose to experience exploits, either as a business owner or as a professional, learning, as a way of life, is very critical. In today’s knowledge driven economy, what you know about what you do is a critical factor that can determine success or failure. Customers typically gravitate towards suppliers who have quality goods & efficient services; business clients tend to pay more for those who are specialists in their field etc. Do you want massive results in your field in 2012? Invest massively in learning. Do you desire to be the best & earn the most in your field? Read, observe, learn something more this week. You cannot present ordinary levels of service & expect extraordinary compensation. Even if you get it now, it will be short-lived. If you think globally and act locally, overtime, your acting will match your thinking. Your thinking is largely influenced by what you learn. Make learning an objective and not a passive outcome. I’m headed for the top this year. I expect to meet you there when I arrive.

For those interested in purchasing my Career Transformation Package (1 book & 3 Audio CDs- Free From Corporate Slavery; Overcoming the Fear of Failure in Career Transition; God’s will for employees; CareerShift for professionals OR the banker’s edition) @ N3000, you can buzz me OR call 07043333041 OR pick it up in Lagos @ David Wej stores anytime from Wednesday OR get it sent to you by courier anywhere in the country (fees apply). You have my guarantee that it’ll be one of your best career investments this year. Enjoy the week. Make Impact!

Jimi Tewe (23A960BC)

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