Thank God It’s Monday by Jimi Tewe – March 5

Welcome to a new week. With every broadcast I have sent over the last six months, it has been fulfilling to see many people utilise the instructions and motivations passed across to achieve significant progress in their career… BUT….. I want to see much more people walking free from ‘Corporate Slavery’. I once defined it as ‘Being subject to anything, challenge, or circumstance which draws its strength from what the corporate world offers that limits your ability to attain your maximum potential in life’. The key thing to note is ‘the limitation of your ability’. To make significant impact in life, you require the use of your abilities in productive activities. Whenever you cannot do something your heart is drawing you towards, the greater your frustration with your career. You see, as the years roll by, your visions and aspirations are either becoming a reality or a fantasy. Your ability, backed up by God’s own, is a key requirement to achieve success. You have unique abilities that are designed to bring you before great men and women. Never permit anything (including fear, debt, the ‘golden handcuffs’ etc) to restrain your abilities from finding expression in life. You might start off not getting paid for it (do it while you are working somewhere) but if you consistently deliver value, you’ll start getting paid a fee for it eventually. I have a strong distaste for any form of Corporate Slavery. Life is too short and too limited to merely exist instead of truly living. You have a whole week ahead of you. Use your time, abilities, relationships & other resources at your disposal to create the life you want. By the way, since we are ‘thanking God that it’s Monday’… Don’t just thank Him, ask Him for direction and His help.

Lastly, the Career Transformation pack (1 Book,3 CDs) for bankers & professionals is available @ N3000. Call 07043333041 or 23A960BC. Enjoy your week.

Jimi Tewe(Career Success Catalyst)


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