Thank God it’s Monday by Jimi Tewe – March 12

Welcome to a new week.

Failure, in any endeavour, is often times a result of consistent dedication to doing the wrong thing. How can a person be dedicated to doing what is wrong? It could be as a result of sustained ignorance resulting from a failure to know what works or in other instances, procrastination in doing what one knows should be done but not doing it. No business is designed to fail by default. If the person driving it is however ignorant of the truths that guarantee success or does not utilise the truths that guarantee business success, even though it is known, failure becomes inevitable.

Why am I saying all this? Last week, I was chatting with a friend who mentioned to me that she has been planning to do something about her career since January this year. Almost 10 weeks later, she is still in the ‘planning’ mode. If she sustains this attitude, failure becomes inevitable. What are those things you are ‘planning’ to do. Stop ‘planning’ and start doing something about them. I usually tell people that the best way to start is to start (anyhow). Of course, planning and analysis are necessary but paralysis is often times a result of too much thinking. Perfect conditions do not come, they are created. If you are convinced about the right step to take, take the first step and then keep going. Each day is actually an opportunity to work on your strongest convictions. You miss out on living when you succumb to the pressures of what life throws at you. By the end of today, your lifespan would have reduced by one day. Make today and every other day after it count. I’m always a buzz away if you need career counsel or solutions. That’s one of the reasons why God created me.

Enjoy Peace and Joy throughout this week.

Jimi Tewe (Career Success Catalyst- 23A960BC)


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