Thank God it’s Monday by Jimi Tewe – March 20

As you progress in life, your name needs to move from being a means of identification to being associated as a solution.’

Whenever your name is mentioned, what comes to people’s mind about you? Do they remember you alone or also remember what you do that has made a difference? Many of the successful people we celebrate today have names that are associated with the solution they have extended to the world. In reality, there is no major advantage they have that you do not have access to. What causes for difference, however, is the utilisation of these advantages that are also available to each and every one of us.

In this broadcast, I will like to highlight 2 major advantages we ought to utilise that will cause for a truly successful life.

(1) Our Identity (Know yourself):
I am not referring to a name right now. I am referring to who we truly are as God’s creation. Whitney Houston was built to sing. That was very evident to all of us while she was alive. However, many singers are struggling to teach and so we never hear about them. Many soldiers are bankers. This is only so because many people do not know themselves. You have an identity! Your identity determines what you do best, where you can do it best, with whom to do things etc. Your identity is also not inferior to any other persons own. Investment Bankers are not better than tailors. In fact, some tailors have more influence & affluence than investment Bankers. Know yourself and be secure in who God created you to be.
(2) Our Reality (Be Yourself): For a seed to become a forest, it must find the right place & get rooted there, stay consistent over time, stay dedicated to it’s development etc. Just like seeds, we need to discover our place, develop there & start making a difference from there.

I can be inspired by other people & their success but not intimidated. I know who I am and I’m committed to becoming all I was born to be. Enjoy your week! Jimi Tewe (23A960BC)


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