Thank God It’s Monday by Jimi Tewe – 23 April 2012

As you may already know, my first ‘International’ event holds this Saturday in the United Kingdom and for me, I realize its a major milestone.

Its significance goes beyond the fact that its holding in the UK but it’s in the fact that I will be addressing a set of people that I’ve always had a strong passion for. There are many Nigerians (& Africans) in Diaspora who left the country in search of the proverbial ‘Golden Fleece’ and who today are suffering & smiling. Their ‘suffering’ transcends the stringent economic hardships they are facing as their greatest challenge is to watch their lives passing by without being able to become the best they can be. This Saturday, I trust God for impact that will birth lasting change in them.

Now, this is about me & what I’m doing. What about you? What are you doing today to create the tomorrow you truly desire. For many years, I have ‘seen’ myself doing what I am doing now but now, I’m living in what I was seeing.

After sharing my vision with one of my mentors, he said to me, ‘Jimi, if you don’t stop, you’ll get where you are going’. So I am saying to you today; ‘Get your vision and start pursuing it. If you don’t stop (because of challenges) , you will get there’.

Pls kindly re-broadcast this to your contacts especially to those who reside around london and its environs that can benefit from this event. Holding on Saturday, April 28 by 5.30pm @ Glydon Community Centre, Raglan Rd, Plumstead, London, SE 18 7LB. To pre-register, send an SMS with name, e-mail to 07923187699.

Follow me on Twitter @jimitewe to get live updates on the event & if you can, ‘steal’ my DP and use it as many times as you can this week as a sign of your support for it. Lastly, a word of prayer from you about this event will be highly appreciated.

You are special! Last time I checked, there was no one like you all over the world. Let your world feel your difference this week! Stay Blessed!

Jimi Tewe (23A960BC)


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