Thank God it’s Monday by Jimi Tewe – 11 June 2012

Welcome to this awesome week. I want you to expect great things to happen for you as your expectation plays a major part in your experience. However, I need to say this. Expectation is not enough!

Most people, if not everyone, desire to have a great career but only a small fraction experience it. What is it that they lack that causes this failure? I believe one key thing is that their desire is not strong enough.

It has been said that ‘pursuit is the proof of desire’. In other words, I can see your desire by the things you are going after. I believe many people do get the needed opportunities for their desires to become a reality but they never pursue them. 
Last week, after my broadcast, someone opened up to me and was complaining about his career experience. As we discussed, I asked him if he was planning to attend CareerShift which would definitely help resolve a lot of issues and he said he will try to be there as he will be very busy at that time. Busy doing what? Doing the things he was complaining about and not willing to pursue what he truly desired.

This week, take deliberate steps in the direction you want to arrive. Time is the seed you trade for the future you desire. Make the most of it.

Remember, CareerShift with Jimi Tewe & Fela Durotoye holds next week (21st & 22nd) by 6.30pm @ Terraculture, Tiamiyu Savage Street,VI, Lagos. The timing is perfect to avoid traffic. The fee of N5000 is the ‘seed’ you will have to invest today to get the Career Future you desire. If you want more from your career, don’t just be aware of this event, take the necessary steps today to be there. 

To register, simply pay the sum of N5000 into Skye Bank; Inspiro Consulting; 1771121616 by direct deposit or online transfer (with your name as depositor). Once payment has been made, send an SMS/call 07043333041 to submit your name, phone number & e-mail address.. Enjoy your week & stay Blessed!

Do help re-broadcast.
Jimi Tewe (23A960BC)


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