Thank God it’s Monday by Jimi Tewe – 17 December 2012

Welcome to a new week!

On Saturday, while speaking at an event, someone asked me if a person’s marriage (or relationship) can affect their career. I answered with a BIG ‘Yes’ !

You see, your Career is either positively or negatively affected by your relationship.

Interestingly, today is my 7th year wedding anniversary and so I’ll be sharing 7 lessons I’ve learnt with you in this time.

I pray you find them useful.

(1) Find the right person:

If you are single, you don’t want to ‘mis-marry’. Compromise will only hurt in the end.
If you are married, you have found the right one already. If you don’t like what you found, you simply have work to do

(2) Be open to each other:

Every time you cover up now, something will stink in the future

(3) Be honest with your spouse:

This includes saying what is true but not palatable. Of course, say it in a way that builds & not in a derogatory way

(4) Carry your spouse along in the implementation of your dreams.

He/she is equipped to support you through the high and low times

(5) Make out time for your spouse:

No matter how busy you get, he/she comes first and then others follow

(6) Be quick to forgive:

Absorbed anger is poison you cook to eat alone and die alone. Remember, its the action you disapprove of not the person

(7) Be Committed:

Through all challenges, all temptations, all disagreements… keep telling yourself it will work cause you have made up your mind that it will.

As we gradually move towards the end of 2012, I pray that you will find the right one (for singles) & God will give you grace to be the right one and make the right one of your spouse (for married).

For those who want the ’10 stories, 10 Lessons’ Audio CD but have not been able to, you can now send your phone number to and someone will call you to determine the best way we can get it to you. Bulk purchases attract a discount!

Do have a wonderful week!

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


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