Thank God It’s Monday By Jimi Tewe -24 December, 2012

Thank God It’s Monday By Jimi Tewe

Compliments of the Season!
Merry Christmas in advance.
Well, this broadcast should have come in earlier but I guess my service provider is already in celebration mode.

Anyway, all over the world tomorrow, billions of people will be celebrating the entrance of a man sent from God, who was God, to enact the greatest change anyone could possibly experience.

One of the descriptors used for this man in the scriptures is that he is the ‘first-born among many brethren’. In other words, Jesus was born into this world to usher in a new breed of men- world changers, difference makers’. In fact, the scriptures call them ‘the light of the world’ the salt of the earth’.

If you have experienced that change He came to bring, your existence is proof of your relevance on earth today.

The products of your mind and hands should be making a positive difference on a day to day basis.

As we celebrate Christmas tomorrow, remember that we are celebrating Christ because He made a big difference to humanity. Your celebration by humanity is therefore tied to the delivery of your full capacity while you are alive here on earth.

I stand believing in you that someday, not too long from now, millions of people will also stand to celebrate your existence as they experience ALL you carry.

Celebrate!!!…. Have fun this Christmas and stay confident that if Jesus made a difference, you will too!

Merry Christmas people!

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


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