Thank God It’s Monday by Jimi Tewe.

Who Are You?

Welcome to the last day of 2012.

A larger percentage of humanity take their identity from what they do but statistics also show that majority of people are doing work they’ll rather not be doing. This situation has led to tailors working as administrators, footballers working as call centre agents etc.

We ARE Human ‘Beings’ and not Human ‘Doings’. People tend to define us by what we do when referring to us and unfortunately, many times, we subconsciously adopt this identity even when we are introducing ourselves.

Many of you know I used to be a banker but deep inside me, I knew that was not who I was. The steps I have taken that have brought me to a place of impact, fulfilment and increased prominence were primarily driven by a deep commitment to become everything I discovered I could become.

My question to you is this, ‘Who Are You?’ Even Jesus asked His disciple once, ‘who do men say that I am? And then ‘who do you say that I am?’

Now, this is what I want you to do, especially if your known identity is not really who men know you to be. I would like you to bear your true identity at least for once in 2012 before the year ends and even beyond. Tell the world who you are and who they should watch out for.

Many have called me a Career Coach. They are not incorrect, but they are incomplete.

In reality, my ‘work’ is to ignite people towards achieving Career Success. This is the reason why I refer to Jimi Tewe as a Career Success Catalyst. My friend Steve Harris says he is a Life Strategist. My friend, Ronke Kosoko calls herself an Employment Solutions Strategist. So, who are you?

Throughout today, update your status with your identity and yes, use your best picture too;).

The world will discover who you are in 2013. I look forward to meeting the real YOU!

Its been a pleasure serving you throughout 2012. Happy 2013 in advance!

Please, share this and let’s help others identify who they are!

Also, feel free to drop your comments.

Jimi Tewe


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