Thank God it’s Monday by Jimi Tewe

Welcome to a New Week!

Many times, it seems that the emphasis by motivational speakers on the importance of passion communicates that its what you primarily need for success. Research and observation however do not support this.

One major thing to add to your passion is the ‘capacity’ to deliver the object of your passion.

Capacity is simply defined, in this context, as the ability to deliver on an expected objective. You do not give a bucket full of water to a 2-yr old boy to carry no matter how passionate he is. However, with time and focus, he develops the capacity to carry it easily.

I have observed that many people unconsciously miss out on the ‘Capacity Development’ opportunities that come their way.

Your job, most times, is capacity development for your life work. Volunteering in an area of interest, buying and READING a book; paying for a training in line with your passion etc are examples of Capacity Development opportunities.

Last week, I sent out a broadcast about a capacity development opportunity for people who intend to transit from employee to employer status within the next 2 years. The response I got from some people amazed me.

‘N35,000? That is too much;’

‘I thought it would be free’

These were some responses I got but one response really stood out to me.

‘Jimi, I really need to come. However, I don’t have the full amount but I will like to pay what I have and would help out with ushering those 2 days’

Now, that is someone who wants to develop capacity for the future he desires.

So, I put it to you- what are you doing to develop capacity for the future you desire? Even Joseph, in the bible underwent Capacity Development in Potiphar’s house and the prison before becoming prime minister.

Develop capacity! You MUST deliver the Future!

Remember, you can still join my mentor-ship platform by clicking here

Pls re-broadcast.

Enjoy your week!

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


One thought on “Thank God it’s Monday by Jimi Tewe

  1. Really would have loved to come, but can’t because of present responsibilities. Is there a way this information can be put on compact discs, packaged and posted on request, please? Of course this would be at a cost which one would be prepared to meet.

    Kindly consider this for those who reside outside of Lagos.


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