Thank God it’s Monday by Jimi Tewe

Welcome to a new week.

Last week, the broadcast was focused on gearing you towards acquiring the needed capacity to deliver the aspirations you have for 2013. Capacity, in this context, is simply defined as the ability to carry out a desired objective. It is unfortunate, but true, that most people fail because they lack the capacity (ability) needed to birth their dreams.

I almost closed up my firm 12 months after I started it because I was not getting the results I desired. To make it more challenging, I had financial obligations to meet.

12 months after, the story had changed. What did I discover? I had to develop capacity commensurate to my desire.

Here are 4 areas that you need capacity in: if you desire to achieve great things this year & beyond

(1) Entrepreneurial Capacity:

The ability to step out on your idea; stretch yourself to do more. Test your idea, run a pilot. It’s success will urge you forward

(2) Technical Knowledge Capacity:

The ‘Know-How’ for success in that field. Even geniuses have to read. Get knowledge in your field.

(3) Financial Management Capacity:

Learn to master money. It can be a bad slave driver.

(4) People Network Capacity:

Money flows through people. Who you serve will determine what you deserve. Serve kings & get highly rewarded.

I will provide more details on this in subsequent weeks.

For those who are registered for ‘1000 Achievers with Jimi Tewe’, i noticed that the newsletter went to some people’s Spam mail. Kindly add to your mailbox so you can get them going forward.
You can read the newsletter by following this link.

This Saturday, ‘Employee to Employer bootcamp begins. 10 spaces have been reserved for those on the 1000 Achievers platform as they also get a 40% discount on this program. Interested, call Pegba on 07043333041 or mail

Do have a wonderful week.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


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