Thank God it’s Monday by Jimi Tewe

The Sky is GREEN! :

Apologies to all readers who are not Nigerians but please be warned that today’s broadcast was inspired by what transpired with Nigerians yesterday;). You’ll learn something though:D

The Average Happiness Index of Nigerian’s was at an all time high yesterday as we experienced a reversal of fortunes after 19 years on the global soccer horizon.

Success indeed has many friends and yesterday, many critics of the Nigerian Dream were compelled to believe in it again.

Broadcast after broadcast showed people’s joy & desire to see this change translate into our political, economic & social experience. Like we have learnt, desire is not enough and if we will indeed learn from the Nigerian team, I’d like to share one key thing that I believe led us to victory.

The only constant faces from the ‘old school’ throughout the tournament were Mikel Obi & Vincent Enyeama. All the others were just having their first shot at this as a team (from what I know). In other words, a new generation of players won this trophy.

I sincerely believe the Nigeria of our dreams CANNOT be birth by those in power today. Even if God appeared to them, they would soon go back to their old ways. The youth in Nigeria today hold the key to our future.

The young Nigerian team (including their coach) had a mindset which was different from what their predecessors had. For once, we had a team that sincerely wanted to win & paid the price for the prize.

Now we are celebrating Nigeria. I believe we will soon celebrate YOU! But first, it starts with your MINDSET.

Your Mindset about who you ARE, what you HAVE, what you CAN do, what you MUST do & what you WILL do will determine your ultimate outcome in all areas of life.

This week, take time to set your mind.
If you do, in no time, you will be set to be celebrated by your world.

Do have a wonderful week.

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Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst.


One thought on “Thank God it’s Monday by Jimi Tewe

  1. Hello Jimi, I do agree with you that those in power don’t have the vision or mindset to take the country forward. The tragedy is that they are not making way quickly for the youth to take over power with their fresh ideas and hence by the time these poor leaders do eventually leave, the current fresh ideas of the youth have become stale and redundant so they are no better than their clueless predecessors.

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