Welcome to a great week! 

As the years roll by, its becoming obvious to me that many people will not live truly extraordinary lives. 

Although they express their desire to do so, their actions (which are the seeds for their future) do not reflect their desire.

Amongst many factors, I believe one major key is missing.

That factor is FAITH!

Although this word has been ascribed to the dictionary of Christians, it is actually a very powerful force that distinguishes between the mighty and the ordinary.

I describe faith as the state of seeing the invisible and achieving in the visible.

In other words, Faith will cause you to have an idea (which is unseen) and eventually create it in the seen realm.

Every best-selling book was once in the unseen. Every Olympian was once an unseen personality who simply believed in themselves. Every great national transformation was birth in the heart of a man who simply dared to believe in the unseen. A black man sitting as president in the white house was once unseen.

Why am I sharing this with you today? I sincerely believe there are many unseen things that should gain access into this world through you. The only portion of your future you will always have access to is TODAY! It is therefore important that you begin ‘seeing’ today to access the future you desire.

You may ask, ‘Jimi, how can I begin to see again?’

(1) Spend time with God: He dwells in the unseen realm and so its cheap for him to show you the things He sees easily

(2) Associate with ‘Seers’: They say, ‘small minds discuss people while great minds discuss ideas’. Deliberately recalibrate your relationships. Buy a gift for someone you want to associate with, if need be. Leverage higher relationships. Read! Once your mind is stretched, it gains capacity to accommodate new ideas!

Well, while you are at it, since we are thanking God its Monday, Have Faith in GOD too!

Do have a wonderful week & pls help re-broadcast!

Jimi Tewe



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