Welcome to a great week and Happy Easter.

Today, I have received broadcasts about the pope resigning, obama resigning etc I must confess that I was initially shocked when I saw one of the first broadcasts but once I realized it was a joke, every other broadcast after that didn’t shock me.

Now, you might have fallen for one of the ‘April Fool’ jokes but its fine to be a ‘fool’ for one day and not be one for a whole year.

The word, ‘Fool’ is primarily not abusive but it actually connotes being deceived.

It occurred to me this morning that many people are already being deceived about 2013 already.

Already, they are doing exactly what they did last year and are expecting a different experience this year.

The thing about deception is that it makes time fly so fast without us being conscious of it.

Already, we have spent 3 months of the year and we have only 9 left. Are you on track where your dreams for 2013 are concerned?

In case you are feeling bad already, stop it! It’s a waste of time to feel bad.

All you need to do is to get out of ‘deception’ in that area you are lagging behind. Get information and insight that will make for progress and you’ll find yourself making the most of time.

I realised recently that I had become complacent (‘a fool’) with some of my goals for the year. Trust me, I’m awake now!

In the month of May, I will be holding my first public event for the year which will have 2 international speakers (May 1-watch out).

You can start working on yours too, from today!

I’d like to ask a favor of you.
Kindly go to my Facebook page ‘Jimi Tewe’. There is a link there to Sterling Bank’s ‘Sketchamania’ competition.

One of my ‘Achievers’ for the year, Imoitseme Mamudu is a contestant and she needs your vote. Its an app on Facebook so I can’t give you a link to click.

I’ve learnt by experience that what you make happen for others, God makes happen for you.

Do have a great week!

Jimi Tewe


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