Are you an Outlier (7 Star Worker)?

In his book, ‘Outliers’, Malcolm Gladwell postulates that to become an expert in one’s field, you would have to spend at least 10,000 hours working at it.

In other words, once you are clear about your career focus and you decisively engage yourself in it for about 10,000 hours, you should emerge as an expert in your career.

While I agree with the basic ideology behind this assertion, I must confess that I have come across several people who have spent well over 10,000 hours at their craft and yet have not attained ‘Outlier’ status in their field.

Think about this- 10,000 hours (at a 8-hour/day, 5-days a week, 4 weeks/month rate) should make you an expert in about 5 years.

Now, how long have you been working at your trade/career? If you just started, are you giving it the needed attention that will stand you out in about 5 years?

If you have worked for over 5 years, why have you not come to be recognised in your field?

Take a minute to calculate how long you have been working at your trade/career. How well have you done with regards to becoming outstanding in your field?

If you realise you are not doing well, you might need to make some urgent adjustments to what you do or how you do it.

I will continue with this flow of thoughts throughout this month as I prepare for my forthcoming conference tagged the ‘7 Star Worker Conference’.

My major objective is to be able to raise exceptional performers in the workplace through this event. Trust me, it’s one event you do not want to miss.

Now, you do not need 10,000 hours to register for this event. In 2 minutes, you can get positioned to become an outlier!

Simply click this link

Do have a productive week, and remember, you have another 40 hours to make a difference in your future!

Jimi Tewe
Convener, 7-Star Worker Conference


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