A Moment of Reflection!

I woke up this morning with a deep sense of gratitude to God for several things and I thought I’d share my thoughts with you as it might encourage someone out there.

February 2006, my project manager at Accenture (a global consulting firm I worked with) called me for a meeting and informed me that he’d want me to learn about a field in HR called Job Evaluation. Sincerely, I was not interested initially but after a few meetings, I realised I had a genuine interest in the field. A year later, I had to assume the position of a subject matter expert in that field on a project we were on for a National Oil & Gas company.

My knowledge of that field has been the technical basis for a lot of the progress I achieved in my time as an employee.

What if I had not paid attention to what he had said?

Fast forward to today.

I am sitting in a hotel room in Abuja, Nigeria right now in a 5-star hotel preparing to make a presentation to a national parastatal on the same subject where all the top management will be in attendance.

I have been treated extra special  and I’m just excited about all that is about to happen.

Maybe there is someone who is feeling the work they are doing today is not really meeting all their financial needs today. If you are LEARNING, you will soon be EARNING. This is what the 7 Star Worker Conference is about.

Not everyone will own an enterprise in their lifetime. However, everyone can stand out in their fields of endeavour. If you are not an entrepreneur, maybe you could become an excellent intrapreneur.

They say the sky is not your limit but I like to put it this way, ‘the world is your playing ground!’

No matter what your field is, you can actually achieve global renown in it.

If you are on the right careerpath, keep at it! It’ll make sense eventually.

Have you registered for the 7 Star Worker Conference? Simply click this link- http://www.7starworker.com/conference-registration/
Enjoy your Day!

Jimi Tewe


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