Thank God it’s Friday!

If there has been one Friday I have been looking forward to, its this Friday!

This week has been so busy and the thought of catching a moment to rest hasn’t felt so good in a long time.

I met up with a friend of mine at the airport yesterday and when I told him my itinerary he said something that I liked, he said, ‘Busy is good!’. As an entrepreneur, its really a good thing to be busy doing the right things as this raises your prospects of making impact and income
Thinking about it, I realised one factor that contributed to doing so much work. That factor is NETWORKING.

Many working professionals do not actively build a network of people they know & those that know about them. This is one reason they never become 7-Star Workers. The same applies to business people.

Every success needs to have a solid network in place. My company ran 2 training programs this week and I was in Abuja for a presentation simply based on the network I had. Someone who knew me recommended me.

You can start building your network for your future through your colleagues & customers.

Even Jesus mentioned the case of the shrewd manager who was to be ‘sacked’. His first action was to work on his network.

This & a lot more will be shared at the ‘7 Star Worker Conference’ holding May 1. Register now at

Maximize today… Network for tomorrow!

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For those interested in exhibiting at the conference, you can ping or please call 07043333041 for details.

Stay Blessed, and yes, Thank God it’s Friday

Please help share.

Jimi Tewe
Conference Convener



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