The 7 Star Worker 2 (Thank God it’s Monday)

Welcome to a great week!

Last week, I mentioned that I would continue with my train of thoughts on how effective we are with the time we have at our disposal in our careers.

We looked at Malcolm Gladwell’s theory which postulates that a person who spends about 10,000 hours at their business/trade/career should rise to become recognised as an expert in their field.

I got some interesting responses after the broadcast last week.

Do you know that if you’ve spent one year working, you have spent at least 1920 hours of your life at work. 3 years gives you 5760 hours; 5 years, 9600 hours; 7 years, 13440 hours; 10 years, 19200 hours; 15 years, 28800 hours… (This is assuming you work only 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, 4 weeks a month) X_X

This is a significant portion of your life if you ask me.

A wasted day is a wasted life (but you can ‘redeem’ time if you realize this on time).

Many people have said, ‘this is why I need to start my own business! I can’t spend my life working for someone else and have nothing to show for it.’ I do agree but I have an additional thought on that.

Do you know you can also stand out in life working for someone? Owning a business does not always translate to life success, you know. I’m not talking about owning a job- I’m speaking of building a successful career within another person’s dream. The reality is that more than 50% of humans will achieve success in life this way. In fact, most successful entrepreneurs were first successful intrapreneurs.

The 7 Star Worker conference will help you transform your working hours to learning hours.

Have you registered yet? Don’t procrastinate, click this link now,

Now, let me allow you maximise the 8 hours of today. Someday, it’ll pay off as a valuable investment.

Do have a great week & please help share. Thanks

Jimi Tewe
Conference Convener


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