Are you a Learner?

Well, I’ll start by saying that I first heard this from someone I mentor a while back and he kept laughing about it after he said it to someone else. I later found out that this phrase was picked from a song and depicts someone who is involved with something without being conscious of the consequences.

Today, I’ll be borrowing this phrase to emphasize something.

Here we go…

You live in Lagos. You desire to excel in your career and experience rapid progress. You want to earn more money too but you are yet to register for the ‘7 Star Worker’s Conference’ holding on a public holiday (May 1-worker’s day). Are you a Learner?

Okay, I hope you got the message.;)

If you haven’t registered even though you have said you’ll come, it won’t take you up to 2 minutes to do so NOW!

Simply click

All speakers and panelists have experienced rapid progress in their careers. Your own story will be next!

Please help me in sharing this information.

Do have a wonderful day!

Jimi Tewe
Conference Convener


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