Create your FUTURE Now!

I have been privileged to  operate my life and work based on certain principles that have worked over the years. This weekend, I was in a meeting where one of Nigeria’s most influential female business tycoons, Mrs. Ibukun Awosika spoke.

Her speech further strengthened my resolve to practice one of those principles. “Do for people, what you want people to do for you!”

Your good thoughts, good words and good actions towards others are a seed that will positively affect your future.

The good you do today will become big doors to opportunity and favour in the future for you.

I have spoken at events where the organisers could only afford to give me a pack of juice as ‘honorarium’ but someone in the audience became a door for me to a nation.

This week, show favour to people around you, do good to someone, it will bring you good in the future.

In case you are wondering who you can do good to, let me suggest someone…

Jimi Tewe…

I hear he has put together a worker’s conference holding next week Wednesday (May 1, Workers day) at the Lagos Airport Hotel, Ikeja by 10am.

I hear the event is free to all participants…

I hear that the speakers and panelists are young achievers drawn from different sectors of the economy in Nigeria, Ghana & the UK.

I hear he needs your help this week to get all your contacts on BB aware of this event.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m planning to use his display picture as often as I can this week.

I intend to do 3 broadcasts this week encouraging my contacts to register by clicking

I intend to share the write-up he will be sending later this evening that provides more details of the event as many times as I can.

In other words, I intend to do all I can to make his dream a reality because I know that what I make happen for him, God will make happen for me.

Have a great week.

Jimi Tewe


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