Not everyone will be entrepreneurs!

In fact, most entrepreneurs would start off working for someone before eventually starting their own enterprise.

Somehow, it seems a notion has been sold that you are not truly successful until you start a business. This isn’t true. The reality is that starting a business does not even guarantee success.

Microsoft is recognised as being one company that has many multi-millionaires as its staff. Many people have won Nobel Laureates as staff of an institution. The list of opportunities to succeed as an employee go on and on, but one thing is certain, whether we run our businesses or work within an organisation, we are meant to operate at our very best!

In the hospitality industry, the Burj Al Arab stands as the only recognised 7 Star hotel in the world. This status is ascribed to it simply because of the standard at which it operates. In like manner, there are individuals who stand out so well in their fields and have made tremendous impact, enjoyed influence and received income.

They are the 7 Star workers

If you were to rate your current performance in your field, what ‘star’ would you attain? 5 Star? 2 Star? Or, No Star?

This is the essence of the 7 Star Worker Conference- To ‘Up’ your game.

In one event, come and get Inspiration, Information and the Network you need to stand out in your field. If you own a business, you aren’t excluded. You can move from small scale to medium scale to large scale to Global scale.

You ought to register for this event and you can do that by simply clicking

Date: May 1 (Next wednesday. It’s a public holiday)

Time: 10am

Venue: Lagos Airport Hotel, near Allen RoundAbout, Ikeja, Lagos

Fee: Totally Free

Kindly help share

Do have a great day.

Jimi Tewe
Conference Convener


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