For the Women

Welcome to another great week. To all Mother’s out there, here’s wishing you a belated ‘Happy Mother’s Day’.

Today, we’ll do a special ‘Mother’s Day Edition dedicated to women.

I was in Calabar last week for a shooting of an episode of the ‘Moments with Mo’ show. On my way back, at the airport, a woman walked up to me and asked if I was Jimi Tewe. I ended up having a Career Coaching session with her while we waited for our flight to board.

On our way back, I realised that women in career or in business do have a lot of challenges they are facing. I must say that I salute the courage of those who have excelled.

I would like to say this to every woman out there, ‘There is a lot more to you than just being feminine’. Being submissive as a wife doesn’t mean you should be relegated to an average life. Having kids doesn’t mean you cannot reach for your dreams. I think this world would be better if you become ALL God created you to be.

A word of advice.

If you find you are not making a lot of progress in your career or business, Get a Vision, Get a Mentor and Get Going! Many times, this will help you significantly.

I’ll be planning a special career event for women in a few weeks. Details will be communicated shortly.

To the men, one of our assignments is to help create an environment for the women God has placed in our lives to flourish. Let’s be faithful with it.

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Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


One thought on “For the Women

  1. “Connection today is what is called corrupted networking, while godfather-ism is what is called corrupted mentoring today”…those words kept ringing a bell sir; but by virtue of that meeting with you at Sweet sensation, my life has found new meaning sir. #Politics #CovenantUniversity #HOPEfoundation. and your book Free From Corporate Slavery is just wooow and easy to understand. God bless you sir.

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