Failure- Key to Success

Welcome to a new week!

I just concluded a brief career coaching session for my Number 1 protegee (my wife). My main message to her forms the basis for what I’d like to share with you today.

Many times, a record tainted with ‘failure’ is often better than a clean record with no taint of success.

You might be surprised at what I just said, but let’s look at this critically.

‘Failure’, most times, is what happens when things do not go the way we planned it. However, ‘failure’ is an indication that you made an attempt to succeed.

I usually say this, ‘the possibility of success will always expose you to the risk of failure’.

On the other hand, you could have a clean record of no ‘failures’ but this could also mean you have no accomplishments too because you never made an attempt.

I am tired of people who talk big and never make an attempt to turn their dreams into reality. As a coach, it always annoys me when I realize people have settled for what has happened at the expense of what can still happen.

In the Bible, Joshua was very old and stricken in age, yet, God told him there was still more land to conquer (Joshua 13:1).

Nigeria, Africa & indeed the whole world will become better when we all get committed to believing enough in our dreams to attempt them.

Let NO EXCUSE be strong enough to pay for your lodgement in the city of mediocrity.

I am permanently committed to a record of ‘successes’. If I get some ‘stains’ of failure, I’ll learn from them and move on.

Most times, God starts a change in your life by the things you see. Vision is your key to distinction. Hindsight is only valuable when it fuels insight or foresight.

As we begin this week, I need you to decide to pursue that big, exciting & sometimes seemingly impossible dream. Something tells me its possible. Start doing something about it today. You will be amazed by the eventual outcome.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


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