a new beginning

Welcome to a NEW Month.

Its 5 months gone already and 7 more to go.

Sometimes, when things are not going the way you desire, you practically have to ‘restart’ yourself so you can get on the right track. I’m sure you know how you feel when your computer/phone hangs and you are waiting for it to come up itself.

After several minutes of waiting with no results, you go straight for the power button and reboot the system.

Once your system starts again, you feel better because you have saved time and you can get back to what you were doing before.

Just last week, I realized some of my ‘life programs’ were ‘hanging’ and all efforts seemed to end in frustration. At the height of my dissatisfaction, I went straight for my ‘power button’ and hit it.

I actually feel better now and all my ‘life programs’ are running. I’m excited about the new month & the rest of the year again.

In case you are feeling overwhelmed with some of your realities, you might consider hitting your ‘restart’ button today.

I’d like to share a few tips on ‘restarting’ that have helped me:

(1) Recommit your projects to God:
For me, I had to do a little fasting, praying & reading. It worked better than Magic

(2) Re-write your goals:
What are those things you WILL accomplish before Dec 31? Think through them and write them down

(3) Dump the junk:
Many times, what didn’t work becomes a blockage to what can work. The best you can get from your past is a lesson that you can apply to your future. Move on

(4) Develop a plan:
Your renewed vision needs to be thought through. THINK for a Change! Plot your steps from where you are to where you are going. Sometimes, you may need to ask questions or read to get clarity

(5) Commit your Plans to God and share with a mentor:
Relationships matter. First with God, then relevant men!

(6) GO FOR IT!

Its a NEW Beginning! Let’s go for it together.

Have a lovely week!

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


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