Just before ‘Mid Year’

Welcome to a great week (the last calendar week of the 1st half of 2013).

How has the year been so far? I trust that its been quite an experience for you.

Today, I am compelled to write around an area that I recently discovered I wasn’t doing well on and sadly is the case with a lot of professionals and business owners.

I say I am compelled because, speaking with people, I realize there is a ‘gulf’ between their dreams and their actions which will never be bridged if certain urgent actions are not taken.

Most people tell me they are too busy and so find themselves unable to take some ‘baby steps’ in the direction of their true desires.

We work so hard during the week at our jobs & businesses but sometimes, we fall into the trap of ‘understanding’ why we are unable to ‘plant’ the seeds required for the future we desire.

On saturday, against all odds, I attended a networking session with other professionals where the CEO of one of the leading banks in Nigeria was the guest speaker.

I met people, I learnt a lot and even got a business idea from what I learnt. The reality is this, ‘My business, my career, my success are all limited to the association and information at my disposal’. I am ultimately responsible for the outcome of my future.

What do you desire in your life before 2013 ends? What are you doing today to achieve or acquire it ‘tomorrow’. If you have been procrastinating, remember, you are willingly setting yourself up for regret in the future.

Hey! Its not too late. That’s why you are served your future in daily doses. Maximize today, Maximize this week, Maximize the month and watch your years being maximized.

I will be sending another broadcast, later in the day of two events you can benefit from coming up in the next 3 weeks.

Its time to step things up!

Do have a wonderful day at work.

Of course, do help to rebroadcast, you would be helping someone who needs this.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


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