The Rest of the Year will be the Best of the Year!

So, 6 months gone, 6 more to go!

I woke up and remembered 1 goal I set for 2013 that I haven’t achieved 10% on it yet- To raise 1000 Achievers.

Well, I did start and I sent out some broadcasts but because of the platform I was using, most mails I sent went to people’s junk mail (my excuse). To cut the story short, I stopped.

That’s past now, but like you, I would like to use this ‘mid-year reawakening’ to get back to achieving goals that matter to me this year.

6 months is long enough to end this year on a high note! With a combination of vision, dedication, revelation, information, right association back with action, your goals will be on course for actualization.

So, back to my goal. I’m making it SMART this time. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been privileged to work with over 40 people who have achieved great feats since then.

I’ll be working directly with 70 people between now and December. 35 Bankers who need a change desperately (spoke to one yesterday. Its a sad story in most cases) and 35 others who are also working on a project. Preferably, they should be based in Lagos ’cause we’ll meet regularly & they’ll have my direct contact details. Interested? Send a mail introducing yourself, your goals and how you think I can help you to I’ll pick from there.

This time, I’ll be dedicated to it. By December 31, 2013. I’ll post their stories of success on my blog!

So, Let’s GO! The rest of the year is the best of the year!

Remember, my event, CareerShift 2.0 holds on the 13th of July. Do you live in Lagos? Do you want a change in your career? Have you registered? If you haven’t, I ask, ‘what’s your excuse?’. Remember, excuses today mature into regret tomorrow!

Also, ‘Move your World Conference’ with Gbeminiyi Eboda (one of my Mentors) holds this Sunday @ Sheraton Hotel by 4pm. Its free. to register.

Do have a great week and please do re-broadcast.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


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