Don’t just exist, truly LIVE!

Welcome to a new week. I trust you had a restful and productive weekend. Mine was really great.

On saturday, I had the privilege to speak to 1800 employees of a company for over 4 hours on building their self esteem and how to achieve success in their career and in their lives.

It was an awesome experience as the feedback I got made me feel so good and confirmed again to me I was on the right career path (the cheque also confirmed it too).

From my observation, in the next 20 years, when many people review their careers, the only thing they’ll be able to say is, ‘we survived..the bills were paid’. On the other hand, only a few people will be able to look back with joy and realize they are walking in those dreams they had.

Look, if you are not taking steps forward, you WILL NEVER arrive. If you don’t have a destination (vision backed with real goals), you won’t even move.

There is a ‘sleep mode’ capacity you can use to run your career and yea, maybe you’ll survive. Its only those who are actively involved in the construction of their dreams who will ever live in it.

Next week, I’m starting a 7-day programme to develop myself. The fee is in hundreds of thousands but I’ve learnt that investing in myself is a precursor to getting returns in my future.

My ‘wake-up call’ to you today is this- what are you doing to build the future you desire (not the one life gives to you as an option)

Like I learnt this weekend, TODAY is a combination of YESTERDAY (its consequences) and TOMORROW (your decisions today). Please maximise TODAY, EVERYDAY!

Remember, CareerShift Lagos, my flagship event holds on the 27th of this month. All the other speakers are set. We are working hard to make it a life-transforming event for YOU! So, where will you be that day? Its only N10,000 so you can choose to pay from this months salary ;). Ping me or Call 07043333041 to make a reservation now!

Don’t just exist, truly LIVE!

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


5 thoughts on “Don’t just exist, truly LIVE!

  1. l’m among the 1800 people you spoke with on saturday, I’v really gain 4rm ur speech, I tried following you on Facebook bt an error msg prompt up saying u v reach your limit………pls what can I do to b part of ur team?


  2. Thanks for being their for us on Saturday, so Glad I can be repositioned by ur Speach Already I av been trying to revive myself from the cruel that life has been taken me to so that I can make an impact in life and not just that but leave a legacy, but were to define my legacy is were I’ve been searching for though I discover a bit in church but couldn’t make it happen any longer since have gotten a Job that takes most of my time and also pushing forward in my education, but with (T.D. Jakes ‘Reposition Ur Self’) and u came on that Saturday to give me more light on life career, I see it as an opportunity to make it in my Dream and be who I’m destiny to be…
    Thanks so much and God Bless your ‘World’
    Shoyombo O E (In-Sourcing ltd)

  3. Everyone as this fear of the unknown that’s y mathematics is usually the most feared subject because of the unknown “x”.

    Great work I really wish to meet you and talk with you

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