Career Success Tips

Good Morning,

Did you know that many times, with just a few minor adjustments, you can achieve major changes in your career?

Yes! Many people ‘endure’ their career experience rather than ‘enjoy’ it simply because they are not recording any progress.

Over the next few weeks, as I prepare for CAREERSHIFT Lagos & ABUJA, I’ll be sharing a few tips that can help you. get the ‘wheels of progress’ turning again in your career.

Today, I’ll like to share on ‘Career Definition’

Progress is slow when one’s destination is not clear. The moment you know where you are going, its easier to spot opportunities to leverage for progress.

My question to you is this, ‘What is your ‘end-in-mind’ where your career is concerned?’

As a career coach, I have personally realized that those times when I was clear about my career objectives, I seemed to be able to then easily identofy my opportunities.

Now, let me say this. There will be times you feel ‘confused’ about what you want. Don’t fret (its a waste of time). What you need is valuable information that can quench your dissatisfaction. Conduct ‘informational interviews’. Search and then Research.

But Jimi, I am always too busy, I don’t have time for this… If you are too busy, then you are too busy! Something has to give for you to get what you truly want. Make out some time at work, sleep less, don’t attend 1 wedding this month (I hope you get my drift).

Clarity enhances progress. Relevant Information will help you in this regard.

CAREERSHIFT will be one information sharing platform that will enhance your clarity.

4 Speakers, 5 Hours.. a lifetime of value.

Fee is N10,000 and it holds on the 27th of July from 12noon @ LCCI, Ikeja. Loads of resources come with the package. For those who want to change jobs, officer, mid level and management recruitment will also be anchored by Adexen Consulting.

Ping or Call 07043333041 now to reserve a seat and get payment information.

Jimi Tewe


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