Career Success Tips (3)

Hello. I trust your week has been great so far.

Well, I had to re-learn this tip I am about to share with you this week. You’d notice I didn’t send my usual ‘Thank God it’s Monday’ broadcast.

Well, I guess I was owing my body quite some rest and it decided to make a ‘withdrawal with one cheque’. I’ve had to take a break from work and I’m already much better.

My emphasis goes beyond the physical rest we often need.

My emphasis is actually on the ‘mental rest’ our minds often need where our careers are concerned. Let me explain..

You essentially run your life based on your beliefs, information available to you & your inner deductions (internal software). The quality of these factors determine how remarkable your success in life will be. It is therefore crucial that we ensure we have a system of continually ‘upgrading’ our ‘internal software’. With constant changes in our industry & geography, we MUST constantly find a way to ‘refresh’ or ‘upgrade’ our internal processing systems to stay up-to-date and stay on top. This is what I refer to as ‘resting’. When we do not rest, we experience many issues like, poor performance on the job, getting stuck in one job and not getting another no matter how hard we try, not getting promoted, having people issues at work etc.

The lesson is this… REST!

One ‘resting’ experience you can maximize is CareerShift Lagos 2.0 holding on the 27th of July @ Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Alausa, Ikeja.

With 4 professional coaches, an executive recruitment firm on the lookout for talent, career enhancement materials worth N3000, an opportunity to network with the speakers & participants from various industries, I wonder why you won’t want to REST.

Jimi, N10,000 for rest? Well, you can take a nap in a hot smelly bus or in a clean AC’ed 4runner jeep. Trust me its pay for value. You can ping me or call 07043333041 to get your seat reserved.

Have a RESTFUL & productive day!

Jimi Tewe


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