Another TGIF?

It’s Friday Already! Think about this.

Have you noticed how these TGIF’s seem to be coming in quicker succession as we get older?

Yes, we should ‘Thank God it’s Friday’, but, think about this; have you really maximised your life between last week friday and today?

They say that time waits for no man and I completely agree. It therefore means that for us to be successful in life, we must learn to become ‘Masters’ over time.

In case you feel you are ‘behind’ time in some areas of your life (you are not where you feel you should be today), I will like to suggest 3 ‘vehicles’ you can use to get ‘ahead’ of time.

(1) People: by associating with the right people on 3 levels, your life can significantly pick up speed. By the counsel of MENTORS, you can focus on doing the right things. By the encouragement of PEERS, you can be motivated to keep moving till you succeed. By the support of PROTEGES, you can get extra hands to work on your dreams

(2) Learning: Every investment that enables you to know better will allow you to do better. Your learning affects your earning & all areas of your life. Reading is not learning till you have used and mastered what you read or heard. Seek to learn daily

(3) Praying: This is God’s opportunity for man to transcend time, step into eternity and apply His Power, Favor & Wisdom to our present realities. Living without the influence of God limits you to what only you can achieve.

We can do more, earn more, impact more, when we learn to become Master’s of Time.

Remember, CareerShift 2.0 holds next Saturday (27th) @ LCCI, Alausa, Lagos. You can leverage 2 of these vehicles (people, learning) there to achieve massive progress this year.

Lanre Olusola, Tunji Babajide, Mrs St Matthew Daniels will speak/coach along with me. Adexen Consulting will be on hand to hire. Zenith bank is also sponsoring & giving us a surprise.

Call 07043333041 today to reserve your seat.

Kindly share.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


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