I Am In School Again!

Well, I guess its a learning season for me.
I’ll admit something to you. A few months ago, I sat back to listen to some of my speaking engagements and discovered a disturbing trend. I had started saying the same thing at most of these events.

As a public speaker, you never want to get to a point where your audience perceives you as boring and repetitive. Immediately, I drew up a self development plan and embarked on a learning spree.

As I type this broadcast, I’m at a 2-day training facilitated by Fela Durotoye on Leadership. I paid to attend because I learnt years ago that the monetary value of a thing is reflective of the value in that thing.

This is a reality you will have to face in life.

Your Learning directly affects your Earning.

Your rate of growth in learning is a function of the quality of learning you are exposed to, the relevance of learning to your life aspirations and the frequency of learning you deliberately engage in.

What you know about how to achieve career success is what you can use to achieve success in your career. If its low, then your achievements will be low.

Have you thought about attending CAREERSHIFT holding in Lagos this saturday (27th) at Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Alausa, Ikeja between 12 & 5pm?

Stop thinking about it, make up your mind to be there!

Career development resources will be given to you; you’ll learn from 4 of the best coaches in this field, you’ll meet other professionals you can learn from & lastly, you can get recruited by our partner (Adexen- a recruitment firm) & then you can earn by what you learnt..

My friend, it’s time to LEARN! For N10,000, its a valuable investment considering that you are the one who will be invested in.

To register for this event TODAY, call 07043333041 or ping me for details.

Jimi Tewe is ready; Lanre Olusola is ready; Mrs St Matthew Daniel is ready; Tunji Babajide is ready… Are you READY?

Enjoy your day!

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


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