What Fela Durotoye Taught Me Yesterday!

So, I’m on my way to class for the second and final day of the Transformational leadership program for Nation Builders with Fela Durotoye.

Before I talk about what I learnt, let me say that I met so many other wonderful nation builders. The networking opportunities that events like this present have no limit to what they can birth. Its been worth more than I paid for.

Okay, I learnt many things but let me share this with you.

The motivation for most people who have jobs is to keep body and soul together.

The reality however is that, for most people, their jobs actually separate their body and soul. Their bodies go to work but their soul is absent. They hate what they do but can’t seem to stop the cycle.

Let your soul lead your body to work. The bible puts it this way, ‘where your heart is, there your treasure will be also’. Your soul will go after purpose while your body will go after pay and comfort. Ultimately, if you follow your soul, you’ll get pay and comfort.


This is not limited to a job alone. Whatever you are doing that doesn’t engage your soul (mind, emotions, will, creativity, passion, imagination etc) is most likely draining you.

Ok. So, my class is about to start, I’ve got to go, but, don’t forget, CAREERSHIFT holds this Saturday between 12noon & 5pm.

It seems we have to make space for some more people to attend. I like the vibe I’m getting from people. Someone buzzed me yesterday and asked if he could give a post dated cheque against his salary. Of course I said, ‘Yes’. This is one event anyone who wants an upward or forward movement in their career MUST attend. Ping me or call 07043333041 for payment details. Fee remains N10,000. If you can tell me the name of the person who sat on the second row on the 3rd seat on the left the day Jesus fed 5000 people, I’ll give you a huge discount 😀

Got to go. My teacher is almost here.:)

Have a great day.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


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