We are SET!

Hi. I trust you’ve had a wonderful week so far.

Well, some months ago, I thought about having another edition of CareerShift based on some challenges I saw with several people I spoke to or coached.

While speaking with them, one thing was clear to me. Many people’s intentions are not enjoying their attention hence there is no action and this inevitably will lead to frustration at the termination of this annual dispensation (=D okay, I couldn’t resist that. This what I meant; many people’s career goals will not be met by the end of this year). 😀

Now, let’s get a bit serious here.

I’ve learnt that to be an achiever in life, you must constantly have goals you are working towards. It therefore means that the extent of your success in this year (in your career) is limited to the extent of your aspirations and the dedication you put to them.

By December 31, 2013, I will have held CareerShift in 4 cities in the US, 3 locations in the UK & 2 more in other states in Nigeria. I would have held at least 2 more editions of the 7 Star Worker conference in different locations. I know exactly the minimum amount of income I would have made; I know exactly how much I would have used to support people around me.

I know I will do these things because my faith and actions are not haphazard attempts but deliberate intentions. I have the right association, I’m getting the needed information & I’ll constantly be inspired to keep going no matter the objections that come my way.

Tomorrow, over 90 others will join me on this course of achievement.

The speakers are ready. The program is ready. If you felt like joining us while reading this, then you can still do that at Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry Alausa, Lagos between 12&5pm.

Call 07043333041 to reserve a seat & yes, you can pay at the venue (N10,000).

Its not just an event, it’s the beginning of a transformation.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst.


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