Thank God it’s Monday!

Thankfully, its still Monday and so I can still send out this broadcast.
Apologies for delaying it for several hours but I was quite tired and you know that a tired mind cannot produce remarkable inspiration.

So now, I’m well rested and I can’t wait to share what has been exciting me all day.

One of the ways that I know I am doing exactly what I am to be doing with my life is the stories of impact and of change that I get from those who have been impacted by events I have organized.

At some point in life, our relevance to our generation will be totally dependent on the relevant solutions we deliver to them.

At some point, its okay to talk about how you will touch your world and at another time, your world must talk about how much you touched them.

Your innate God-given abilities, interests, personality etc are the capabilities you have been empowered with to make a difference in your world.

Yesterday, at an event I spoke at, I addressed one of the major limitations people face in actualizing their possibilities.

FEAR! Fear of the unknown….

Someone said FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. Yesterday, I said ‘fear is an illusion that appears as reality which makes you not to do what you out to do when you ought to do it’. Fear is the ‘conditioning lotion’ that produces regret. Your Fear today is the basis for your regret tomorrow.

You address fear by getting FAITH (a positive impression of reality which causes you to step beyond your fear towards your possibilities & is totally backed by support from divinity).

You have another week ahead of you. Choose to use it to step beyond those limiting thoughts. Get FAITH!

CareerShift Abuja with me, Steve Harris, Bukky Shonibare & David Ropo Lawale holds this saturday at Hawthorn Suites, Garki between 1 and 4pm.

To register, click here.

Its 100% free & registration closes once seats are filled.

Do have a great week.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


3 thoughts on “Thank God it’s Monday!

  1. Very true Pee J. I would like to add an addendum. ‘IF YOU WAIT TILL YOU NEED FAITH BEFORE GETTING IT, YOU ARE ALREADY LATE’

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