If Only You Would Dare


By September 8, 2013, it would be exactly 3 years since I made a move out of the banking industry to pursue my vision of becoming a nation builder and change agent specifically in the area of achieving Career Success. Its been almost 3 years of fun, faith, challenges & successes.

Today, I’m in my hotel room in Abuja getting set for my first event in the capital city of Nigeria. So far, for this event, I have enjoyed so many favours that have amazed me.

First, we have 84 registrations already & we planned for only 100 (usual statistics say if you get 60% pre-event registration, you’ll have a full house).

Secondly, the only thing I’ve paid for so far is my flight ticket. Every other cost has been taken up by people & organizations.

Thirdly, my friends, the other speakers, who are veterans in their own fields are mega excited about this event.

My question is this? What if I did not dare to follow through on the first thought of having this event? I’d probably be home, with my family, taking breakfast and feeling good not knowing that at exactly that same moment, I, as well as my friends, could be impacting lives & making a difference.

I am convinced that every moment of our lives is a reflection of our daily choices.

Dare to pursue the dreams God inspires in your heart. I’ve learnt, by experience, that there is so much help & wisdom available to you, if only YOU WOULD DARE.

Nigeria, indeed, the whole world, is waiting to see you at your best. Never settle for the regular in life. Rise to the top in your organisation; start that business; write that book; hold that event…

Ok, I have to run. If you have folks in Abuja, please inform them to join us at Hawthorn Suites, Garki Abuja (by Sahad stores). CV Review & Recruitment for some positions (11am-12noon); Special session for dissatisfied Bankers (12-1pm); CareerShift event (1-4pm).

Do have a restful weekend.

Jimi Tewe
Career Sucess Catalyst


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